This Constancy of Change.

This Constancy of Change.

Was it Gandhi who spoke of his commitment to truth over consistency? And, lending to this constancy of change – his faith, that we exist beyond these boundaries of mind.

Though, for most, they fear a loss of control and the inevitability of reconciliation. Tumbling blindly forward, they reach for that which is known – the stability of their past experience, however painful. Even as their hands become bloodied through the ‘thorniness’ of their clinging.

But what do they truly fear?

Is it their capacity to rise above? Their ability to adapt to change? Or, do they fear the truth in their transformation?

In other words, are we fearful of the change or fearful of what might be revealed?

My goodness, can you just imagine if the lilac tree held her bloom? Worried that their ‘crushing weight’ might be just too much for her branches to hold.

Wouldn’t the summer miss her sweetness? And the moonlight, the outline of her shadows?

Having said that, perhaps the question becomes – are we bound by our fears or liberated by this constancy of change?

A little something to consider, my loves…

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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