A Mistake? Or, Grace?

A Mistake? Or, Grace?

There’s a koi pond in the gardens of a local nursery I like to visit. I stopped there yesterday on my way home from work, the weather far too nice to miss the blessing of their company.

I’ve always been fascinated by their movement; graceful even in the murkiest of waters. They seem to ‘know’ me upon my arrival, risking ‘life and fin’ in their passage before a hungry old barn cat standing watch. And, simply for the benefit of our conversation – “Have you stopped to see our Magnolia? Doesn’t she look lovely in that deeper shade of green?”

One of my favorites is a speckled beast the locals call a ‘butterfly koi’. Her fins flow like a silken robe through the water. And, perhaps knowing the magnitude of her effortless beauty, she’ll pause – allowing room for the spectators’ exclaim.

To the more traditional of Koi enthusiasts, she’s a ‘genetic mutt’ – unworthy of such popularity and acclaim.

Though, I’ll never say…

To me, she’ll always be one of the greater wonderments of Spring.

“She’s a failure of cross breeding,” her attendant once shared. “Though, my goodness – isn’t her imperfection just the prettiest of things?”

A little something to consider, my friends…

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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