The Illusion of Our Papered Shell.

The Illusion of Our Papered Shell.

They say a caterpillar doesn’t know it’s a butterfly until it breaks its shell and spreads its wings. And only upon grasping the delicacy of ‘sky’ does it realize it is now without limits.

As humans, are we not also the same? Effecting change in those few desperate moments, when in our breaking we are ultimately freed. And through the glistening radiance of this newfound light we discover an aspect of self never before realized.

Is it resilience? Or, a manifestation of the Divine?

With wings outstretched, we lift and transcend. And in our wake, a papered shell.

Reminding us that we are in constant transition; a shifting of consciousness from one to another. The ‘self’ that we knew, a mere illusion.

We are, yes – but, we also become.

In peace, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❣️

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