These Tracings of Change.

These Tracings of Change.

There’s a pause that exists between emotion and thought. Empty, though it may seem, it is our breath, our focus, our consciousness and being. Without which, we might surely be lost – our efforts relegated to ‘missed opportunity’.

To allow this space is to become the observer. That which initially threatened to entrap, instead transforms and we are finally able to appreciate its courage.

Absent this pause, we can not disentangle from these entrapments of mind. Not, can we engage the freedom that is our birthright. While all around us, the world continues to change – the clock ticks, the seasons unfold…though sadly, our habit remains the same.

Grasp, cling, grasp, cling…is this the nature of our mind?

Longchenpa teaches that there is no movement in the essence of pure mind – that this stillness, itself, is the body of the Buddha. Though, how do we engage and what do we release?

By asking ourselves first, “What moves? And, what is still?”

The answer, in time, becoming a guidepost in this journey – drawing thoughts back to center and heart, to home.

In peace, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❤️

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