The Inherent Blessing.

The Inherent Blessing.

I thought today about a young woman I once knew. In college, she was my mentor – someone who knew the grace in our connection to all living beings. An ‘old soul’, as my mother would say – meaning, she held a warmth of light now centuries old.

Those in her presence felt an instant gratification, as if their emptiness of heart were suddenly made whole.

It reminded me of our responsibility to others, the mystery of these unspoken encouragements – a softened smile inviting the traveler’s tale.

We are not only what we do, but think – the manner in which we hold our own spirit an indicator of how deeply we may touch another. When we are able to take care of our own life, as Osho once shared, we begin to see the celebration taking place in the existence before us.

It is the alchemy between mind and spirit, our silent truth and inherent blessing.

In peace…

Namaste ❣️

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