On This Journey Home.

On This Journey Home.

I remember a time, many years ago. I’d been hiking the trails through the Pacific Northwest, hoping to climb just high enough to view a pod of migrating whales.

Though the sun was hot and bright, the Giant Redwoods provided ample cover. And, I was grateful for it. Still, the muscles in my legs burned and ached against the uneven ground. I’d been climbing for hours with no end in sight, and the stinging nettles were no friend of mine.

When I came to the mountain, I was in such a hurry; I had an expectation…a vision…and a ‘need’ to be fulfilled. The whales offered a perfect enticement; their migration – a reflection of my own journey home.

And yet, now – even though I could hear the whales just through the trees – I wanted to give up on the endeavor. It was too hard, the climb was impossible and the sun would be setting soon. I’d unwittingly set the obstacles before my own spiritual need.

Sometimes, the more engaged we become in our practice the more difficult it may feel. We forget that challenge is there for a reason – to help us regain our clarity and focus. If we can accept this truth, then everything becomes our journey. The good, the bad, the upset, the sorrow – the endless joy held within the hope of tomorrow.

As they say, speed is the enemy of mindfulness; and mindfulness is the spirit of all life. When we begin to pay attention, to allow this awareness to gently expand – only then, can we begin to know our true home.

A little something to consider, my friends..

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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