The Way of Our Words.

The Way of Our Words.

At best we are merely half-hour conscious of the way in which our words impact this world. As a writer, I hold each with tender reserve; contemplating their movement and basis of form.

Do they enrich? And, will they engage? Are they born of a suffering? Or one without precondition?

Words can light fires in the minds of all men. Likewise, they can just as easily extinguish the flame.
There are words that illuminate the depth of sky. While others lend hope amidst the chaos and rubble.

We live and breathe words, but do we understand their echo. How they resonate once their timber is gone? A wise man understands their limits, while the fool presses their force.

In the end, only their imprint remains, leaving only our legacy in the calm of their wake.

In peace, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❣️

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