That Which We Will.

That Which We Will.

Just out of high school, I agreed to run a great race; through the mountains of Kunia – a half marathon – in support of a local charity.

Though, truth be told, I can’t imagine what compelled me. Thirteen miles? I’d never been further than one.

But, there I was – suddenly committed; and any joy in my service now displaced by a looming dread.

In the weeks leading up to the event, I began to train; I ate well, hydrated and got plenty of sleep. And yet, the road ahead seemed endless.

Finally, at the end of a long practice run – I broke down into tears. “That’s it – I give up; I quit!” I remember saying to a friend.

And, knowing my heart, she smiled and said, “How can you give up before the race has even started?”

At first, I was furious. Had she not just witnessed my efforts? The hours expended to secure a ‘noteworthy’ pace?

“You’ll never succeed where the heart is unwilling?” she said.

There are certain points in my life, where I can look back and say – that was a defining moment. For me, her words lifted an energy that had been self-created.

I started my journey with doubt and insecurity. I trained through the growing animosity. And when I took to the trail, I carried all of that with me.

Though, after our talk – that burden lifted. The next morning, I stretched my legs and began, once again. For the first time I was ‘there’ without expectation. The road opened before me, and I let my breath define my pace.

Sometimes, we can become so easily overwhelmed by the magnitude of our circumstances; so much so, that we ‘fail’ before we begin.

Or, worse yet – we refuse to begin.

Though, peace can only truly find us when our hearts are ‘open like the sky.’ I mean, in the end, isn’t it – that which we will?

A little something to consider, my friends – a morning musing over coffee.

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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