This Blessing of Heart.

This Blessing of Heart.

There’s a prayer rug hanging against the wall of an old stone church near my home. It was a gift to the parishioners following their pilgrimage to the Middle East; a mission dedicated to the prospect of rebuilding villages in the aftermath of the bombings.

They were guided by faith, fueled by the glowing embers of empathy and compassion. Nothing could dissuade the focus of their divine purpose.

However, when they first arrived, the destruction was certainly overwhelming. Piles of dust, glass and rubble occupying the space where houses, churches and schools once stood.

At first, the damage seemed far too extensive for the efforts of so few hands. How could they possibly restore the image of ‘once was’ from that which lay before them today?

However, bit by bit, the village was restored – as was the faith of those within.

The rug was pulled from the debris of the village temple, and soon after gifted to those who served.

And now, it serves as a reminder that no task is ever too great for those with sufficient heart.

In peace, my loves…

Namaste ❤

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