Within Each Drop of Rain.

Within Each Drop of Rain.

There’s a thunderstorm looming over the horizon; it’s fattened, heavy clouds lending their warning for this day.

If you’re still enough, you can feel the changes to the air – as the winds quicken to carry its acrid loam.

Years ago, farmers would listen for these subtleties of change – though nowadays, everything seems ‘automated’.

“Mind the bees,” our neighbor would say. “You know how they get when the weather’s this rotten.”

You see, the bees forage through – in spite of the threat; becoming more determined as a means to that end. Though external factors may at times dissuade, their heart remains…

unwaveringly true.

Several years back I stood in the exact same spot; overwhelmed by the magnitude of what lay ahead. I worried the storms would be greater than I.

Never once could I have believed, that the storms carry gifts within each drop of rain.

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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