When Only the Sound of the Heart Remains.

When Only the Sound of the Heart Remains.

There was an old clock which sat on the mantelpiece of my grandparent’s former home. ‘Dong, dong, dong…’ it would announce as the rest of the house stood still.

And, it didn’t matter the time of day nor the current ‘goings on’ – when that clock chimed, there was a definitive moment of rest; a time to reflect, perhaps.

I remember feeling such awe in the depths of its reassuring tones; as if no matter could dissuade the spirit within.

Even as the clock began to age, and its once pristine finish curled revealing the truth of its years – still that chime carried magnificently through.

Though the clock had been gone now for many years, I can still hear her ring – her legacy; just as clear as once before. Here simply to remind…

That when the world becomes so suddenly quiet, only the sound of our heart remains.

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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