A Tale of Three Gems.

A Tale of Three Gems.

I read a story once about a young man who walked into a shop. He was looking for something quite particular, indeed – a ‘reason’ to compel his existence.

He was a poor man, with many a grave ‘disease’; poverty, loneliness and misery among the most imminent to consume.

The shopkeeper peddled in ‘magic’ stones. A ruby to warn of death’s approach, a lovestone to lure romance’s favor. Even a sapphire to generate a wealth beyond all dreams.

Still, with each he refused. “How can I afford such a thing,” he grimaced.

“How can you afford to turn them away?” the shopkeeper countered.

Begrudgingly, the man purchases the stone and is subsequently swindled. He was wrong to assume such precious gems might be purchased.

Though, isn’t that how thinking mind typically proceeds? ‘If only I had…’ versus ‘is this what I really need…’

When we seek through external means, we lose our measure. More so, we diminish the fluidity of life movement. Happiness, success, gratitude and good will – soon limited by the stretch of desire and capture.

Until the emptier hand reveals our truer ‘need’, born always of life’s much simpler things.

My loves, your happiness and truth are not outside waiting to be discovered. They are within, as always, hoping to be discovered.

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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