Engaging Our Inward Counsel.

Engaging Our Inward Counsel.

Someone once shared with me that the purpose of this life is too encourage our gratitude. And, to that end, remove whatever it is that keeps is from being whole.

I was just 25 at the time, newly married and intent on creating the ‘perfect home.’ I took great care to ensure the simple things – a well-appointed home, notes in his lunch, and always a hug upon his return.

And, when the children were born I embraced my new role with great care and dedication, placing each need ‘rightfully’ before my own.

But, as the years passed my marriage fell apart. I felt empty on most days and lonely on the better ones. In all my attempts to create a warm and loving environment, I had failed to take the necessary steps for me – to feel whole, to feel complete, to feel of value.

I began to long for the freedom of my former self. I wanted peace and simplicity…a renewal of purpose. Though ironically what I wanted was already there – yet sadly obscured.

It was me; my choices, my faith and my willingness to be made whole.

“You can’t give from an empty well,” my mother would say. Whereas, certainly this is true – there is another aspect often disregarded. That is the allowance of self while in service to others.

“Be, don’t try to become,” Osho reminds. “You are already a masterpiece.” It is the ‘softer acceptance’, so to speak; our capacity to understand that our life is never without meaning.

That we are that meaning.

And what we seek is not to be discovered, rather realized. Waiting for our inward counsel.

A little something to consider, my friends.

In peace…

Namaste ❣️

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