The Roots of Home.

The Roots of Home.

I’ve always believed that an attitude of contemplation helps us to remain open to the wonders of this world. Likewise, it helps to alleviate that constrictive pull and paradigm of fear.

A seed grows not by metered care, rather by breaking through the static boundaries of its former shell. And, casting aside all worries to wind – allows its roots to venture deeper still.

As it rejoins this Earth, it becomes – a sapling to tree to forest cover. Does the seed know its fate as it begins? No, yet it trusts the journey in spite of the season.

Just as we, too, cultivate a willing heart and a trust that permeates this silent beauty. To feel more at home, we must force our roots; knowing, that even the most desolate of soils shall share its nourishment.

In peace, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❣️

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