Where the Heart Becomes Human.

Where the Heart Becomes Human.

Peace comes when the heart remains open. Like the warmth infused from a patch of morning sun, it washes over – relieving the ‘burdens’ of day. And, asking only that we stay awhile – sitting within the stillness of a far greater freedom.

Though, how might we respond when the heart begins to close? When past hurt reminds us of the vulnerability in being human?

To prevent further suffering, the spirit may recoil. We may choose to disregard the very experiences which may ultimately serve to embolden.

As children, we’re taught the honor of the fearless explorer. However, as we grow older we realize that fear must be met with a far greater courage.

“Are we enough,” thinking mind might inquire, “to engage this world with a fully open heart?”

Though, isn’t strength something we nurture and grow?

“Yes, the world is full of pain, uncertainty, and injustice.” Jack Kornfield reveals. “But in this vulnerable human life, every loss is an opportunity either to shut out the world or to stand up with dignity and let the heart respond.”

In the end, the only question which remains – my darlings, which will you choose?

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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