The Importance of Being Human.

The Importance of Being Human.

I was thinking this morning about the nature of our connection. Specifically, the care and trust placed in the forging of these shared bonds, ever mindful of their implicit risk in light of our own vulnerability.

From the moment of our birth, we are drawn to the warmth of another’s touch. Instinctively, we understand the ‘value’ in their offering; our trust further engaged through the comfort of their nurturing arms.

And when we feel pain, we run straight back to them, somehow knowing their love will heal.

Life is not without pain. However deliberate our avoidance, we are powerless to escape its inevitable sting. Particularly as we encourage this process of opening; risking our own vulnerability at the hands of another.

Though it is only through this vulnerability that we may begin to cultivate faith, hope and trust. Only then may we begin to honor the light of our own authenticity.

To love deeply requires our humility. To be vulnerable extends our humanity.

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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