The Blessing Within the Visit.

The Blessing Within the Visit.

I watched a cardinal from the window this morning; her eyes sharing the warmth of endless possibility, even in these depths of winter.

Day after day, she visits me here just as the sun begins its ascent through the canopy of trees. Her presence bearing a simplicity of grace, and the mutuality of our coexistence.

Though separate, are we not the same? How striking that these laws of nature deter the constancy of opinion. And celebrating that which compels unity of purpose.

Even the lone cardinal finds solace in the collective journey; reassured through the inherent need to draw patterns against the sky.

And even though we are without the ‘wings’ to fly. Still – she sees within that which is often absent from sight:

Not separate…

Not different…

Rather, very much the same.

In peace, my loves…

Namaste ❤️

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