We Are Never “Not Enough”.

We Are Never “Not Enough”.

“I was a fool for thinking anyone could love me.”

I remember first waking to this thought; it wrapped itself through the shadows, clinging to a doubt I hadn’t yet known.

Through each iteration, my blood turned cold. “I’m not good enough to receive the love of this world.”

Sometimes, in this process self-discovery we pause – unwilling to press further. We see ourselves through the lens of limitation, the first of many layered uncoverings.

And never content, we strive to move forward. Though sadly, fear keeps us stationed here. What is it that we hope to find? Belief, hope, faith…resilience?

And what shall we do when it takes our hand? Do we rise, or do we fail? In the end, we are the summary of our inclusions – destined to reconcile, to make amends with this tone and tempo of illusion.

I could have just as easily said, “Love doesn’t exclude, rather – it surrounds.” Yet, the lesser value was the one returned.

Was it Doubt speaking then, or was it I?

If there’s a story to tell, why not one that begins – “She brought the world joy, and that in and of itself was …enough…”

Mind your stories, loves…

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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