The Truth in Our Failures.

The Truth in Our Failures.

We waste so much time trying to conceal the essence of who we are. Whether by dress or condition, we wear our ‘mask’ deliberately – desperate to hide the truth inside.

We fear its discovery, that others may fail to appreciate the magnitude of our journey. When in truth, the ‘failure’ is ours alone. As we project our assumptions, we guard our wounds – forgetting that our strength lies within their torn, tattered edges.

At first glance, far too unbearable; though, in time, revealing a far more enticing story. One of destiny and courage; and our faith in rising above. And, within which – the truly incontrovertible; the boundless self and tireless journeyman.

Only a fool would cover such brilliance.

A little something to consider, my loves…

In peace…

Namaste ❣️

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