What We Do With Fear.

What We Do With Fear.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenges facing us each day.

On a global scale, we stand as witness to humanity’s consumption; the ravages of war, poverty and political injustice taking no rest.

While locally our communities erupt with dysfunction, as we long for the simplicity of ‘better days.’

So much of our society is suffering. At times, we feel more connected to fear than than we do our own neighbors. And yet, as the world cries out for an impassioned response – we bolt the door, feeling powerless to help.

This undercurrent of fear lurks within each of our daily habits. Whether we freeze or panic, we can not escape it’s crushing weight. And if we linger in those thoughts, we lose our potential – becoming a prisoner of mind’s own making.

One of my favorite Buddhist stories is that of the Zen master and the samurai warrior. For years, the samurai reigned – terrorizing all within his path. Until the final village, where the Zen master sat.

“You fool! Don’t you know who I am,” he hissed. “I’m the sort who could slice you in two without so much as batting an eye.”

To which the master replied, “And I, sir, am the sort who could be sliced in two without so much as batting an eye.”

We could argue for hours over the intent of the story. Perhaps he was at peace knowing the true veil of our human existence – that life and death were merely aspects of our continuation? Or, maybe he realized there was nothing to be done. And with this, bowed his head in gentle reverence.

Fear demands our attention and forces our introspection. What we discover is ours alone. For some, there exists a vicious denial – a pushing away of truth as we know it.

While others, like the master, accept its presence with a humbled gratitude – knowing truth is the only path to our heart’s awakening.

A little something to consider, my sweet friends…

In peace,

Namaste ❤️

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