Becoming Our Courage.

Becoming Our Courage.

In her book, Daring Greatly, author Brene Brown discusses vulnerability as a ‘willingness to be seen’.

Though, so often we view as a point of weakness – an admission to the fault of our own insecurities. We recoil at the mere thought of anything ‘less than’ – exhausting all efforts to make ‘right’ again.

And yet, when we are vulnerable – we stand fully alone; relinquishing the armaments of our tired, tattered soul, abandoning all structures which limit our view.

“How long are we going to resist putting on our hat of truth?” Thich Nhat Hanh inquires. “How long can we stand feeling so unsafe just to maintain the illusion of safety…?”

In our letting go, we become the greater measure of our courage.

In peace, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❤️

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