God Bless This Broken Road.

God Bless This Broken Road.

There was an interesting question raised during our session this morning. How do we maintain our compassion in this life, while simultaneously suffering an ‘injury’ of heart? In other words, is it possible to treat another with equanimity – to hold true to our spiritual path in spite of our own circumstances?

The woman asking had recently lost her son. He was found alone in his car, parked outside a known drug house – an emptied syringe still hanging from his arm.

She spoke softly, though deliberately. “I hate them all,” she said. “the dealers, the other addicts…the counselors who failed him in his treatment. I hate the police officer who cut him a break, and myself for not doing more.”

The room grew silent in her pause. “It’s so easy to to discuss the hypotheticals of healing. But for those of us gutted by the finality of our pain – how on Earth do we begin again?”

She wanted answers – real answers, not the generics found in the bindings of a book. She needed connection, someone might greet her at her level. Someone who would understand the conflict of her pain.

“You’re already doing so,” the teacher began. “By showing up and being honest. That’s the first step in any journey. Right now, you fear the path – you fear where it might leave you. The path itself will heal your wounds. Try not to rush through.”

Someone once said to me that our experiences were, in part, to wake us up. Likewise, to help us reveal an inherent aspect of our human nature – the need to share our love.

Ultimately, this is the catalyst to our awakening. It lends us our ‘why’ in the absence of reason.

Something to consider, my friends – in peace…

Namaste ❣️

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