This Selflessness of Spirit.

This Selflessness of Spirit.

Growing up, my mother always kept an extra place setting open at the table. “In case someone stops by,” she’d smile.

Through her actions, my mother encouraged the selfless grace of compassion, and a sharing of heart with all human souls. To this day, I strive to reflect her generosity and warmth of spirit. I pray that I may create a space for all to feel ‘at home’. Our community is just one of her many manifestations of light.

The Buddha’s teachings embodied the principles of mutuality, tolerance and acceptance; our shedding of ‘self’ serving as a means to that end.

As the finer threads of our veiled illusion shifts, we begin to see ourselves in a different life. Not as ‘one’, but ‘belonging to’ something much greater than the eye may discern.

Humanity is served by these fundamental values; of peace, of tolerance and respect for all. Irrespective of our political ties, and separate from the chapels of resignation.

We are one human family, after all.

Today, I pray we may honor this energy of compassion – utilizing our deepest heart in the furtherance of all.

In peace, my loves…

Namaste ❤️

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