The Nature of Our Perfection.

The Nature of Our Perfection.

I had a dear friend who suffered numerous mental breakdowns.Initially occurring solely during crisis-when the heart and mind became so misaligned that there was very few, if any other, outcome.

As the disease progressed, her conditioned worsened – paranoia peaking in moments of great duress. “I wish they could see what I see,” she once shared, referring to those who judged her. She was so consumed by their perception – how she looked, dressed, acted…little things, like the way she wore her hair.

Everything had a purpose, and that was to hide – to assume a mask of seemingly greater value. Though, one day, when she had an argument with a neighbor the entirety of her charade came crashing down.

“You crazy (expletive)” the neighbor snarled.

It didn’t matter whether he was ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ (if there ever was such a thing). What mattered more was the nature of his judgement; the act of being seen through another’s eyes.

We go through each day judging ourselves, our experiences and other people. The habit becoming so deeply ingrained that we fail to recognize our commonality. We are perfection, and likewise an empty vessel. We seek to find, to learn and to grow.

But when our mind is jaded, we see only the flaws and doubt in our journey. Reflected always before us – in everything we see, touch and engage.

“Tell me, my friend,” she said in a moment of clarity, “How are you any different? Do we not each travel this path in our own way?”

Each of us has a part, and each of us has a place. Where we differ is in our willingness to acknowledge the degree in which we are all the same. We have hopes, we have dreams and we all wish for peace.

Sending love, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❣️

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