As Witness to Awakening.

As Witness to Awakening.

There is an aspect of spirituality that is often overlooked; one so fundamentally paramount that it must be engaged before the heart’s silence can ever be secured. That is, truthfulness and integrity in our observations – particularly as it pertains to inward reflection.

We are, by our nature, curious truthseekers. Whether gazing thoughtfully towards the heavens, or, rather more simply, enjoying the ‘warmth’ of tea between friends – we want so desperately to know. To embrace our truth and gain from the experience.

And yet, so often our engagement is limited. The legacy of our moments offers its wisdom freely – though, to what end? Do we carry the lesson or cling to our story?

Life continuously seeks to invite our presence – to engage the sensory experience without reaction. Whether through sight, sound or touch – our breath serves as a function of truth. If only, at first, in fleeting glimpses – finally, we begin to see. We begin to see through the illusion and prejudice of ego.

We become ‘as one’ – as witness to our own awakening.

In peace, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❣️

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