The Potential in Our Being.

The Potential in Our Being.

Kabir writes; “the Beloved is inside you, and also inside me; just as the sprout is hidden within the seed. We are all struggling, yet none of us has gone far. Look inside and let your arrogance go.”

How easily we recognize the Divine in our surroundings – the majesty of life beyond all boundaries. We are both agent and witness in these endeavors, hesitant to expose the fear inside.

Each of us has experienced some level of pain in our lives. For some, the pain is fleeting – dismissed before the story grows. While for others, the pain is simply unbearable – buried within the sentiment of loss and fury.

There is a space between attachment and aversion, one which opens the breath and welcomes awareness. T.S. Eliot refers to this as the “still point of the turning world, neither from nor towards” – a resting point.”

Though, how do we engage when the heart can not rest?

“When we discover the middle path,” Jack Kornfield writes.”we neither remove ourselves from the world nor get lost in it.  We can be with all our experience in its complexity, with our own exact thoughts and feelings and drama as it is. We learn to embrace tension, paradox, change.  Instead of seeking resolution, waiting for the chord at the end of a song, we let ourselves open and relax in the middle.”

To live each moment without having to fix it, like the seed – we begin to understand the true potential in all things.

In peace, sweet friends…

Namaste ❣️

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