Our One True Need.

Our One True Need.

I was particularly moved by a passage I’d read this morning. From author Marshall Rosenberg:

“Think of needs as flowers on the table, not air in our lungs — beautiful offerings, not something desperately needed for survival.”

Even in our most difficult hour when the gravity of every criticism and judgement weighs sharply upon on shoulders, we must still remember the benefit of their expression. The ‘objective’, if you will, is not an accumulation of things – rather, a communion between.

Things are rarely what they seem.

We want the house, the job, the car – but, look deeper. What do you see? The recklessness of decisions past, or an opportunity to relieve the true source of our pain? As author Joseph Campbell once suggested,  we must be willing to set aside our heartache for bliss.

In time, what we perceive as ‘need’ becomes an opportunity to connect with others. In this moment, we realize we are never alone; that the truer need is the greater need – one hand, one heart, and one hope to heal this world.

This, and this alone, is our one true need.

In peace..

Namaste ❣️

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