In Looking Beyond.

In Looking Beyond.

“In our lives we have two possibilities,” Ajahn Chah teaches. “Indulging in the world or going beyond the world.” Within this lesson we discover an inexhaustible sense of courage; one that transcends the belief that we are bound by this Earthly form..

Yes, in this human incarnation it’s inevitable that we may experience periods of pain and sorrow. And, yet – in the end we are always lifted. Suffering yields to understanding; from this, our compassion grows.

Our thoughts and emotions encourage our expression; alternately, they help to liberate us, too. We don’t break apart, we break open. Over and over and over again. Our thoughts become tempered through the humility of our experience.

Gradually, we begin to shift our view – what was once felt to be a burden, becomes a catalyst. Nothing less, and nothing more.

Wishing you peace,my sweet friends – and the courage to go beyond.

Namaste ❣️

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