Letting Peace Manifest.

Letting Peace Manifest.

There’s a vastness that occurs in the depths of morning sky; one so engaging and rich, it has the capacity to quiet even the most unsettled of souls. As if the sun herself were conspiring to melt all our troubles of world.

Day after day, we stand before it – awestruck and hoping for release. Our eyes keen to the subtle shiftings of light breaking through, time and time again. It is a wisdom larger than any heart may compel; one vested in the reminder of our continuous renewal.

And, marking this moment to begin again, we brush off the layers of dust and dirt, right our smile and effect a new course…empowered simply by our surrender.

“Let your mind wander in simplicity, blend your spirit with the vastness,” Chuang Tzu writes. “Make no room for personal view.” Let the magic of this morning find you, my friends. And, when it does – let it manifest.

In peace…

Namaste ❣️

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