This Balance of Courage.

This Balance of Courage.

The ritual of our mindfulness practice teaches us patience. Though, even more so, it demonstrate the need for a ‘balanced hand’ – fairness within a building turmoil, equanimity where injustice refuses to bend.

As practitioners, we are encouraged to cultivate peace within our hearts; to lend softness against formerly immutable edges. Though, how do we accomplish when our path is uncertain? How do we offer light as our own diminishes?

Do we abandon the entirety of our principles for the one that feels threatened? Can you imagine our world had ideology conceded to gentle wavering?

There’d be no Rosa Parks, nor Mahatma Ghandi – the legacy of their journey forever lost, rescinded under the weight of a looming doubt. How might we be enriched were it not for their struggle?

If anything, our insights and our actions must go together. We must strive to create our bonds through shared understanding. And knowing, in the end, that “we are all just walking each other home.”

A lasting peace can not be realized through the absence of pain. Rather, it must be forged by way of opportunity and courage.

In peace…

Namaste ❣️

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