What Do You See?

What Do You See?

To widen the heart; to expand this state of nothingness into nobility – of thought, of action, of marked deed.

This…this is the key; the catalyst to our own progression. And surrending all Illusions of control, we are liberated. Such is the affect of this invitation.

“Let go of the battle,” author, Jack Kornfield urges. “Breathe quietly and let is be” opening to these aspects of experience: softening, building, yielding, growing. Knowing, the basis of any hardship is, at best, temporary.

It is the harmony and freedom we’ve searched for all these years, now humbled before this transcendence of spirit.

What binds us is not found in physical form. Rather, manifested only through what we choose to give it.

A little something to consider, my friends…

In peace…

Namaste ❣️

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