Our Spiritual Continuity.

Our Spiritual Continuity.

Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man writes that integrity is the ability to listen to a place inside that doesn’t change, even when the life that carries it may.

I don’t know why his words came to mind on such a beautiful Autumn morning. Perhaps, in response to the weathered leaves, a reminder of our Divine renewal. Even in the midst of an imminent storm, the integrity of our spirit remains unchanged.

Though our hearts may ache as we pine over the facets of our former self, there is still a constancy – a connection to our greatness. In time, we may soon realize that the same winds which threaten our path subsequently reveal.

We are changed, yes – but, we are likewise the same; a gentle newness offering its wisdom. In spite of the challenge, we hold this truth as home. The pace of our learning, set by whispered breath.

In peace, my sweet friends..

Namaste ❣️

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