The Only Book You Need.

The Only Book You Need.


I watched a young woman sitting alone at the bookstore. On the table before her, at least a dozen books each related to an aspect of enlightenment. At first one, then another, was casually tossed aside as she sifted through the volumes reading only the table of contents.

I was suddenly very moved by the irony. How many times have we anticipated results without first exploring those much deeper questions?

We want to feel better, of course – though, without first understanding the true source of our unrest we’re really only biding time.

What is it that we truly value? And, how do we invest our trust? Life slips by in a flash of fleeting moments. In the end, it is how we’ve lived – not what we’ve read – that will serve to define our joy. A thoughtful delineation between want and need.

That is to say, the book you should be reading is the one found within.

In peace, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❣️

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