Returning To a Life of Much Simpler Things.

Returning To a Life of Much Simpler Things.

I attended an event once many years ago. The host had traveled here from India, hoping to share a deeper engagement of spirit.

“My goodness, you look so tired,” he began. “Too tired to attend to such trivial matters.”

I had to laugh, as he smiled to me. How effortlessly he had addressed the malady of our busyness.

Each of us is guilty of our own demise. We over obligate, taking on far too much – including these greater issues if our world. Political unrest, poverty and injustice – each demanding the fullness of our attention. It’s recklessness, really-to shift focus from the needs of our own heart.

The phone rings, and we are instantly swayed. Who could it be, and what do they need? Has this would become so decidedly transaction-based?

I remember a time not so long ago when the new day carried comfort, not dread. Yet, here we are – enslaved by a mobile ring.

“Take all things that would propose to be important,” L.M. Browning writes, “and weigh then upon the scale of your soul.” In the end, we alone define its merit and worth.

“Discard all that is trivially masquerading,” she shares. And return to a life filled with much simpler things.

In peace, my dear friends…

Namaste ❣️

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