The Calm Within Our Storm.

The Calm Within Our Storm.

I watched a compelling video this weekend; group of scientists were conducting an experiment to determine the power of mind over the perception of circumstance.

In one room, participants donned a virtual reality headset as they sat upon a specially constructed movable sled. The video played was that of an extreme roller coaster ride, emulating a high speed chase through bends and twists.

Thoughled movements were slight, still the participants screamed; their minds unable to distinguish the suggestion from true reality. Their hypotheses, if proven, would demonstrate an unexpected effect: that of the minds role in anticipating events.

Call it dread, fear – or, more simply expectation; we cannot deny having at one point felt the same. The experience has yet to unfold, yet the sense is as sharp, nonetheless. In fact, we spend so much time locked in this anticipatory phase that we risk losing our connection to the ‘absolute present’. Is this perhaps the source of our unsettledness? A malady born of habitual reaction.

Even when offered insight into the experiment, participants maintained the same neurophysiological response – reacting in advance of each twist and turn.
Though, in the second phase of the experiment there was only one minor shift – participants were asked to focus on their breathing. To consciously slow where they felt a quickening; to allow the breath to serve as their ‘solid ground’.

With just this change alone, the results were visible and astonishing. In instances where participants had previously tensed, they were ultimately observed leaning in. Measurements indicated a marked release of physical tension.

Is it possible that these habits of mind might be so easily redefined? Retained to hold the essence of calm over any suggestion of fear.

There’s truly so much we cannot possibly know; including the manner and mechanism of our mind’s inner workings and the ever-present calm within our storm.

A little something to consider, my friends…

Namaste ❣️

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