The Benefit of Our Humanity.

The Benefit of Our Humanity.

In the stress of our daily lives, we often forget our perspective; that need to understand this moment just as it is – with a context deserving of its essence.

What we feel and desire, though relatively important, are but a smaller part of a far more extensive ‘whole’. As we contemplate the rhetoric of world news feeds, we must take measures to protect the inherent vulnerability maintained within its depths – the will of all people and our preservation of humanity.

This simple practice enables us to engage the very heart of our spiritual teaching; to share, in service, without precondition. We do not seek to impress, rather we offer ourselves fully to whatever might happen next.

We don’t attack, and we certainly can’t predict. What we can do is share our presence and experience, to offer a pause in the space of reaction.

While ‘we can’t fix the world’, we can define our interaction with it – to protect and to respond to the very essence of all human need.

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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