A Boundless Expression of Our Love.

A Boundless Expression of Our Love.

Who are we?

And, more importantly – what is it that we desire most from this life?

For some, the answer maintains the status of label – something to be revered. Articulating how we wish to be seen, but speaking nothing to our view of self.

Nevertheless, we are drawn to the essence and security of their meaning – though, they cannot possibly encapsulate the broader context of our human spirit.

Words become our ‘measuring post’ – an empty comparative drawn from the shallows of a perceived emotional return.

One of the most common misconceptions is that we may only know happiness through the dialogue of sacrifice. Though, do we ever ask ourselves – is this the life I truly wish to have?

In visiting home, I could run my hands a thousand times over the stone garden wall my father once built for my Mother – each time revealing a new aspect to his dedication and love. The treacherous climb down muddied banks, through the briars and thickened brush – hoping to collect only the prettiest of stones.

As he mortared the last of these ‘jewels’ into place – did he think of status and title? Or, the acknowledgement of joy in my Mother’s smiling face?

Nothing tells us more about who we are than the choices we make. No word, no label – nor, benefit of accolades. Rather, we are the composite of each boundless expression of love.

In peace, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❤️

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