Embracing Our Multitudes.

Embracing Our Multitudes.

When I first left home, I struggled with loneliness. I missed my parents, my room – the familiar lull of the tree frog’s crescendo. At times, this loneliness turned to a panicked desperation as the miles between grew longer still.

I’d been accepted to a program in the South Pacific; a remote university boasting one of the most advanced marine biology programs in the world. The application process was quite rigorous; only the best of the best were granted inclusion. Only a fool would have abandoned such a glorious opportunity. Though there I was, just a few months later standing alone at an airport turnstile.

I felt defeated and ultimately unprepared for my new adventure. It was the first time fear had kept me from my purpose; and I worried what ‘the others’ might think upon learning of my ‘failure’. And, sure enough, they took no mercy in their chidings.

Many months later, I ran into an old colleague and dear friend. “Sometimes, we reveal the path – but, more often, the path reveals us,” he shared.

In just a few short words, I was gifted with an entirely new perspective. Life is a composite of many multitudes of ‘journey’. In that process, we live…we breathe…we learn and we grow.

Just as a fine wine is encouraged through the earthiness of an old, barreled oak; we are similarly revealed. Everything we experience – the good, the bad…the uncompromising challenge – all serving the fundamental essence of our one human spirit.

Imperfect? Yes, though, gloriously so; these multitudes becoming the facets of our newfound light.

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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