As We May Once Again Be.

As We May Once Again Be.

Our life is not simply a condition of our circumstances, but rather a result of the emotions we choose to greet it.

Whether upset and fear felt in the face of challenge, or the unassuming joy felt when finally achieved; we find our way through thought-filled contemplations. The mind, at times, moving faster than the gentle pacings of heart might allow.

We find a sense of security behind these maskings of emotions; a courage within the caveats of story. Though, the ease we find is not without burden. For in the rapidly changing scape of this journey, we lose a sense of fidelity between that which is ‘real’ and ‘imagined’.

Just as the day may bring about a welcomed rain following a devastating drought; so, too, follow the nature of our own emotions.

In the end, it is not so much what we experienced in our life rather how we lived within it.

In peace, my sweet friends ~

Namaste ❤️

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