Taming the Restless Mind.

Taming the Restless Mind.

A carpenter removes a coarse peg by knocking it through with a smaller, finer one. Anything larger would bruise the wood, leaving the ‘scars’ of a job poorly done.

In many ways, we are the same. Anger, rage, jealousy – all examples of those much coarser pegs. Refined only through the delicate placement of thought – gentle taps of hope, joy and bliss. Simply speaking, ‘what we think, we become.’

Though the influence of thought can feel, at times, overwhelming – it is never without remedy. Just as the carpenter with a finer peg, we are taught to embrace and transform. A kinder, gentler means servicing as our conduit to peace.

Tap, tap, tap…a steady hand quiets this larger discourse of mind. Out of compassion for ourselves, we choose to give them rest.

In peace, my friends…

Namaste ❤

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