What We Become.

What We Become.

I watched an old man standing at the intersection of 4th and Sparrow. In his hands, a simple sign – “SMILE. Nothing Is Ever Too Big to Handle”

He’s been there every day since the ‘love of his life’ passed away. “She was a teacher, you know – for troubled teens” he smiled proudly. “That’s what they call ’em, anyway – but she never believed it.”

For 45 years, she drove several hours each day – simply for the honor of making a difference; no more, no less.

“She had this sign hanging on her wall,” he said. “I figured if it helped all those kids there must be something to it.”

It was a simple message, though one certainly taken to heart. Nothing is ever too big to handle, and – no one is ever truly beyond our reach.

Including ourselves.

Consider for a moment, how often we accept the limits of our circumstance. As if a single moment could dare to secure the entirety of our existence.

We are our circumstances, yes – but we are also our potential. And the only limitations are those we set upon ourselves.

You are alive, my loves – and that means you can do anything, dare anything and dream any dream.

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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