The Limits of Our Labels.

The Limits of Our Labels.

We spend so much time objectifying our existence. “I am” permeates every attribute of our physical, spiritual and emotional being.

We are the number on the scale; the title on our door. We are our house, our car…and the clothes that we wear.

But what of those other subtleties of influence? The rising up after crashing down, the many hearts that we help to heal. And, that time we stopped for a stranger downtown – with so little in our pocket, we still found change for his meal.

And yet, we are bound by this language and the power of our words.

Words, which might just as easily soothe at times find their roots in the shadows of our own vulnerability. Wherein, it becomes the basis for an endless push and pull.

Soon, we forget about these aspects as a whole; instead we become beholden to this arbitrary label. Until we once again realize, that the limit of these labels are the limits of our world.

In peace my sweet friends…have I told you lately how much I cherish your ‘you’?

Namaste ❤

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