The Presence of Child.

The Presence of Child.

“You’re making it worse,” my mother would say. And, she was right. Albeit, at the time we were discussing the snarled mess of my hair – still I think there’s a lesson to be carried forward.

A child feeling pain will instantly recoil, pulling away from that which offends. Though as we age our curiosity compels, in spite of the pain we are moved to ‘resolve’. We want to understand, to challenge – perhaps, even benefit from our circumstance.

Yet still, we impute through external factors.

Why can’t we see, that all is within? The upset, the angst – the remorse and regret. All tightly bound with the intransigent threads of intolerance and perception.

As children, we instinctively retreat. We don’t beg for its vanquish, nor challenge its source. Our only reference based deep within heart.

We see a tree, we climb. And a stream, we cross. Every moment represents a new opportunity to surrender and ultimately awaken.

In peace, my sweet friends…

Namaste ❤

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