A Single Cross in the Field.

A Single Cross in the Field.

There’s a cross in the field many miles from home. A soldier, they said – from the American Civil War; hanged for the crime of society’s perception.

Side by side, he fought – brothers of one nation; offering their lives for the freedom of all.

The American Civil War divided our nation, as musket fire shattered what remained of ‘family’. For four long years, the machines of war silenced men; how long might it take for this cruelty to be removed?

Though the muskets have been silenced, the war still remains – brother against brother using words as their ‘fire’.

As the saying goes, ‘war is what happens when language fails’,
leaving only the shadows of scattered crosses in fields. How could we forget that we belong to one another?

We are each the composite of countless connected moments; without which humanity can not survive.

Faith, courage, equanimity, justice – these are the attributes which compel us to greatness.

In peace, my friends…

Namaste ❤

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