In This Space of Already Home.

In This Space of Already Home.

I found grapes growing wild on a vine in the woods. It was mid-day, and I’d been lost for hours. Though the trees provided the comfort of their canopy, the blazing heat still found its way.

“Always follow the water,” my father would say. “Downstream is best.”

My parents had purchased a parcel of land ‘in the woods’ – outstretched beyond the reach of any imagination. I’d play for hours, or until the sun would set. As odd as it seems, I always felt the forest watching over me.

Though now, with many miles and years between – I felt suddenly alone.

My panic grew with each labored breath; where was the path that led me to home?

One step further, and I’d have surely missed them – these fattened clumps of sweetened nectar weighing down their vines.

Wild grapes are remarkably unique; each reflecting the ‘flavor’ of the surrounding land.

Close your eyes and let their stories burst…”I started from nothing, and now I give back.” In that moment, I began to understand … the ‘familiar.’

We recognize the familiar in all living things; its scent infused upon the evening air. As the sweet grass bows beneath our feet, welcoming us ‘home.’

Perhaps then, the familiar is always within? A discoverable aspect that lends itself to a wholeness of spirit. Nestled within the thickets and vines – the sweetness of life, a blessing to all.

In time, my breath slowed and the panic subsided – in reverence to this space of ‘already home.’

In peace, my loves…

Namaste ❤

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