In This Moment, We Become.

In This Moment, We Become.

The I Ching invites us to appreciate the transitory essence of this life, to measure that which is passing against the light of all eternity. It begs us to reexamine our understanding of both past and future; to recognize the boundaries of such impaired illusion.

For time presents as a continuous unfolding, each ending securing the hope of a new beginning. Just like the rose, it casts its fragrance with unwavering assurance, knowing the winds will impress its image upon all vestiges of time.

In this new light, our awareness begins to shift; and the lines between ‘what was’ and ‘what is’ soon become blurred.

Until, one day when finally we realize…

Everything leads to everything, and there is only now.

And, in this moment…we become.

In peace, my friends…


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