The Lesson of Shore.

The Lesson of Shore.

Someone once asked me how do I remain so calm in the midst of chaos?

The answer? I don’t. Well, not always. I experience pain, frustration, sadness – sometimes, even rage. Though now, with a sense of knowing that all things must pass.

Sit with yourself for just a moment, simply opening to the vast complexity of emotion – you may notice a natural ‘ebb and flow’.

Like waves to the shoreline, their energy is strongest upon impact. Their sound, often deafening as the raging waters breach the sanctity of a seemingly endless coast.

Though what we know, is what we often miss. We brace for its crushing impact even as the wave is yet forming. We close our eyes and clench our fists, waiting always for the ‘worst’ of it.

In doing so, we may miss its shimmering lines breaking in the distance. Or the soft foams gently receding, followed by a sacred hush.

The divine manifests in all creatures and things. Even within the tumbling waves, there is a certain inexplicable glory. To love this life, is to connect with its grace.

And with respect to those much greater emotions…how can we consider their gravity without appreciating their means?

In peace, my sweet friends…and thank you for the continued gift of your light.

Namaste ❤

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