The Metamorphosis Into Glory.

The Metamorphosis Into Glory.

I’ve always known this sense of belonging in my heart; not as one, nor two – but as a complete wholeness of all living beings.

Even as a young looking at a tree, I knew there was something far greater – something exceeding these divisions of label. I couldn’t see the world in terms of ‘us’ or ‘them’. Rather, I viewed this world in terms of energy – a symbiotic interbeing.

Though ironically, as I grew older – I felt the world around me change. Lines manifested and barriers grew where previously there were none. Was it human nature? An instinct to survive?

We are born malleable, and willing to explore those possibilities which presently escape explanation. But as with all things, we are not beyond change.

As time passes, the emotion of our experience constricts. We see the world not ‘as is’, but rather ‘as we perceive.’ And within that process, uncertainty further forces our disconnect. We become wary of that which we once so easily trusted. Our vision shifts, and we lose the filter of acceptance.

Yet, what has life consistently proven? That our experiences give as much as they take.

The caterpillar hardens its shell seeing only the journey. Is it faith, is it trust? In time, she’ll emerge newly transformed. And with wings, she’ll find her freedom again. She does not question, she simply flies – content with the metamorphosis of experience into glory.

A little something to consider, my friends…

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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