The Legacy of Good.

The Legacy of Good.

I remember a segment on the news growing up – ‘Hometown Heroes’, I believe it was called – shared nightly, just before bed.

It was intended to highlight the achievements of our community organizers – individuals singularly responsible for effecting a positive change.

As a family, we looked forward to hearing these miraculous stories – our hearts inevitably uplifted at the benefit of such ample kindness. And in the days following, our community was likewise encouraged.

Shopkeepers donated parcels of groceries to local churches and homeless shelters; businessmen offered the benefit of their services as government officials pledged their unwavering support.

Even the schoolchildren were eager to partake, sharing their milk money to those in ‘dire need.’

In those days, we talked about the ‘needs of the community’ and the ‘benefit of good neighbors.’ We didn’t allow our political affiliations, personal beliefs or social class dissuade from our ability to come together.

We did the ‘right’ thing, simply because ‘right’ was what needed to be done.

Though, these days the news seems sadly to have changed. Our hometown heroes have been replaced by a far more lucrative byline – one built upon a faulty presumption of fear.

But, what is it that keeps us here? What binds our view to such an ill-fated destiny?

Yes, the world is filled with pain, uncertainly and injustice. Though, it is also filled with the miraculous stories of ‘one single heart, rising above.’

And, in the end, isn’t it what we choose? That is, to shut out the world or to encourage the legacy of good.

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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