Given the Choice.

Given the Choice.

Each day we are gifted a glorious opportunity – to grow, to stretch; to move past the rigidity of our own spiritual bonds, to manifest our light into the soundless night.

And, in doing so perhaps recover what mind has termed as ‘hopeless endeavor’.

As children, our innocence roams freely in the company of trust – our hearts only too eager to invoke the privilege.

Through miles and miles of thickened brush, we found our way; in those days, a path such as this served only to encourage. The world shares its wonders to the unjaded eye.

Yet as we age, this choice transforms. It molds, it shifts – branching off into the many myriads of expectation and belief. We cling, we grip – not to ‘reality’, rather what we intuit.

And, blaming circumstance – we curse our folly; desperate to return to a simpler time.

Though what, if any, has truly changed? Is it this earth, or is it our ‘frame’?

The open window yields only a portion of sun, yet we know its loving rays are shared equally to all.

In peace, my loves…and Happy Father’s Day to all!

Namaste ❤

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